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We have a shortage of organs for transplants. Yet no one suggests that we should register our blood type etc and be responsible for donating organs as needed. Not even ones we could lose with minimal negative effect. No, in fact we don't even use organs that are clearly no use any more because someone has died. In order to use someone's organs the person with the organs has to volunteer and if the organs are to be removed while the person is alive they have to demonstrate that they're not volunteering under duress.

I'm an organ donor by the way. Please use anything I haven't used up once I'm done with it.

If I died without ID or someone who knows me nearby they couldn't use my organs.

It doesn't matter who needs those organs it could be the President, the Pope, a drug addict, a rock star, or a young adult with all the potential in the world or all of the above. None of them get the organs unless they can verify that I chose to be a donor.

No individual has more rights to my body than me, even if I'm dead.

There isn't massive disagreement on this issue until I get pregnant. Then even though I could not be required to give up one organ to sustain the life of another or multiple other people I am required to give up my body.

(Not currently in California. Here I could have the potential that might become a child removed, but if those who oppose abortion get there way that might change. )

I've been pregnant. My understanding is that my pregnancy was more or less middle of the road. It ended almost 6 years ago.

While I was pregnant I lost lung capacity, my digestive system went wonky, my feet expanded, I lost endurance on my bike, my memory became less reliable, and my hormones shifted (I used to very rarely cry, during pregnancy books and commercials could make me cry, I've mellowed some but not back to where I was).

I plan to remind my sweet child of this as needed through the years, but it was okay because it was something I had chosen.

When someone says that abortion kills that is no more accurate than saying that not donating organs does. If that's the case and one still opposes abortion then I expect them to also require everyone to register to donate organs. I could use an ear, I know people who could use several other organs.

If one is claiming that the problem is just that the government pays for it:

First yes it is a medical procedure any state that covers medical care should cover all medical care. Otherwise treatment is based on something other than medical need.

Second in the US sadly it doesn't, some states do including California.

Third governments nearly by definition gather your money to do something you don't want them to. The government is also going to use it to do a bunch of other stuff you do want.

Fourth considering the relevant cost in relation to the population for the vast majority of us if we're contributing to it at all it's likely less than a penny.

So either get everyone signed up for an organ registry, and answer when the collectors call, or stop trying to keep people from choosing who they donate their wombs to.

We go High!

Nov. 9th, 2016 01:22 pm
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It's a tough day today.

I started wanting to write something last night when it started really looking like Trump might win (I had a blessedly meeting filled afternoon, and between that, and taking Kosh to her Daisy
Scout meeting I didn't see results that I took seriously until about 8.

 My first thought in response to a Trump presidency, was to offer Governor Brown help with building the California wall. That was an angry and scared response. In content it's a bigger version of moving to Canada. Take me and mine out of the control of this government with this man at the top of it.

I had various ideas, but my dad consolidated my thoughts. I checked my email this morning, and my dad, who is retired in Thailand had emailed all 4 of us kids with encouragement to move to Canada.

That gave me a target.

This concept is tempting (like a California sesesion would be), but it's really terrifying if you follow it.

It's already too easy to keep yourself in an echo chamber. And in this case most importantly for our governmental leaders to keep themselves in echo chambers.

It would be one thing to run from Germany in the 1930s you could be running to someplace that could reasonably have been expected to be stronger than Germany. The United States is too powerful for that to be reasonable.

Therefore we desperately need everyone who is upset with the election results to stay in the United states, and to get active.

We need to  build relationships across socio economic barriers and across parties. We need to find the areas where we agree, and build movements based on those. It's going to be hard, and it's going to be scary, but it's our best chance to minimize the damage of this presidency.
That said there's no way in hell we're leaving California, My hope is that we're a big enough economic engine that we'll be able to maintain what we're doing.
Love and prayers to all,

This is what I wrote to my family.

That's more or less what I think, although I'm a little torn. There were people who said a Trump presidency would bring the revolution. I'm not 100% sure what that is, but I'm open to that potentially, but I'm tentative.

Regardeless if the next step is revolution or moderation and regroup for 2018 there are some steps I think we all benefit from.

We need to take care of ourselves. In as much as we can we should cut ourselves slack and allow ourselves to vent as we need to. We should try not to do something in anger or grief (or whatever strong emotion) that will haunt us a month from now.

Love and express your love for those we love. Give and get more hugs (or whatever sign of affection is best for the people involved) Make sure our groups know that they are safe, and if there is a real lack of safety do what we can to make it more safe.

As we have spoons/energy we need to be kind and loving to others. Do what we can to show that people are good and loving.

Give ourselves time. Time to think, and plan, and feel.

Be as well as you can be.

Speak Out

Sep. 15th, 2014 01:20 pm
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Just last night Groblek and I were talking about my inability to communicate my needs or boundaries.

I've come a long way, but I still have a long way to go.

This is something I've been working on because I know it will help me to be more completely in relationship with those I love, and model healthy communication for Kosh.

Here's another reason, and it's terrifying:

It's not a quick easy watch, but it's good information.
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So we planned for a day full of helping others Saturday.  CA House was having their move out/move in weekend and we'd signed up to help in the 10-2 shift on the theory that Kosh would nap right after we finished.  We showed up around 10, and there was nothing to do within half an hour we were told that we could head home.  We went to farmers market (closer) and told them to call us if they needed anything.  We enjoyed the market and park, and lunch at the nice at El Toro Bravo http://daviswiki.org/El_Toro_Bravo. ; No call.

After Kosh's nap 5:30 ish) we headed off to help a friend move, but she was no where to be found, and her phone wasn't working.  So we hit Leatherby's for dinner, and took Kosh to the Arden Fair Mall play area.

So no helping, but lots of fun, relaxing and tasty food.

Sunday was church at which Kosh relatively nicely asked to put in the nursery early, so we actually got to pay attention for more of the service.  Fun at fellowship time, and then off to the Little Sis's housewarming.  They got an amazing house in Fairfield.  I'm thrilled, because they're happy, and their closer.  This means we can get Kosh and his cousin together more often (not to mention their parents).  Also they have a pool, hot tub and swing set.  What's not to love!

Kosh just about fell asleep on the way home so he was actually asleep at 8.  So of course mom and dad stayed up rather than taking advantage of a chance to sleep, but the laundry got folded, and we got to mostly watch the Hugo award ceremony.

Monday was low key.  We took a slow morning and headed into old town.  Gold Rush days were fun, at least the bit we saw.  Mainly the train museum, and horses.  It was fun to run into BP, but our son has his priorities.

Thus ends relaxing weekends for a couple months.
September is 2 weekends of faire, a book release party, a weekend with the in-laws, and a weekend of gaming
October is 2 weekends of faire, and gear clean up

It'll all be fun, but I'm looking forward to slowing down in November.

In the world of weekdays I'm working along, lunch time exercise is working out.  Kosh seems to be in process of moving from toddler to little boy.  Life is good.
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Haven't posted a whole lot lately.

I've fallen off of the zombie walking/running I'm giving myself this week for heat, and hoping to get back on board when the highs drop 10 degrees to mid 90s.

Before I fell off the chases were getting easier, and a coworker had suggested we walk together some times (we did one last week, and I begged off this week).

On Harassment:
There's been a whole lot going around about harassment especially as it relates to Sci Fi/Fantasy/fandom cons.

After reading (probably more than I did) on the subject Groblek looked at me with concern and asked if I experienced this.

My answer is not that I've noticed.

I tend to be excessively oblivious, and more likely to attach bad behavior to a person than to a group.  There are groups and people that I have removed myself from that I found obnoxious that could probably more accurately be defined as harassing.

I also tend to be one of the guys.  To the point where at a meeting at work where we were prepping to present at a public meeting and the discussion of what to wear came up, and the supervisor responded to the question from one of the guys with the suggestion of a nice shirt/slacks and a tie at which point she paused, and said not for you Kay, and I reassured her that I knew what to wear.  I was the only female presenter, but I think it also reflected the fact that I was dressed almost exactly like the other guys in the room.

I'm going to Westercon this weekend, and I'm going to have a harassment lens on because of this.  Hopefully if I see it I'll speak up.

Pondering this has caused me to notice that there are more than 2 males per female at my level in the office.  All 3 supervisors in the office are female, but for my level it's mostly guys it's not a small office, and I wonder why.

Inching into the white collar world.

I've held a desk job for 6 years.  Just recently I've been reexamining a habit that stems at least in part from a more blue collar mentality.  If you see me in person you may have noticed that I almost always have my forearms bare.  I wear long sleeve shirts a lot, and roll or push up the sleeves.  One of the more concrete reasons for this is that my arms are easier to clean and heal than shirt sleeves.  This is still perfectly applicable to interacting with Kosh, but recently I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't make much sense at work.

This started when I saw videos of our group at Valhalla, and thought that I stood out with my sleeves rolled, and has moved into my work wardrobe as I notice that I'm one of few with this particular look.  Of course this week I'm in short sleeves, but I have been wearing long sleeves with sleeves down previously.

Kosh is doing well.  He's been enjoying "swimming" in our not so hot tub, going to the library, and narrating his potty experience.  I'd just as soon not hear this narrative, but if it gets him using the potty I'll take it.

Happy 4th everyone!
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So for Father's Day, and because Groblek is taking Kosh off for a week with the grandparents, I took primary Kosh duty all weekend.  It was a generally good weekend.  We had fun at the train museum Saturday (Groblek had fun at the museum too, but missed the train ride).  This was the first time since Kosh learned about the train tables that he's pushed for looking at the big trains.

Incidentally with our membership we can bring in 2 guests.  Let us know if you want to go.

He napped hard!

Sunday we biked over to Dos to take Groblek out for Father's day.  We were thwarted in our attempts to go for desert, and raided the home ice cream supply instead.

By now the guys have probably already headed up towards Occidental, by way of train town.

So far for me that means that I was sans toddler on the morning commute.

I figured that was a great opportunity to get some extra exercise in.  So I pulled up Zombie run, and took a brisk walk to the far bus stop in Davis, and got off in the second stop in Sac, and walked from there.  This was 2.15 mi. in 37 minutes 12 seconds.  Great way to start the morning.  I'm planning on continuing this all week, although I hope to leave a little earlier in the morning.

At this point I want to work on increasing my speed.  To that end I'm activating zombie chases.  These activate, and I have to go faster than my average speed for a given amount of time.  I'm much happier with this speeding me up rather than speeding up for fear of missing my bus.

So far I've Zombie walked every workday since May 20th, and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm about half way through season 1.  Once I run out of episodes I will happily pay for the season pass to get the new ones.
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So yoga yesterday showed me that while I had a lot of my ankle use back I was missing some less used chunks.  Guess I'll have to stretch more.

Then at the play yard behind church I miss stepped in a hole in the yard, and went oh ankle not so all good for that either, but still good enough for most functions.

I'm continuing as a zombie runner(mostly walker).  There was less sweating today, but I'm betting that's pretty much due to change in weather.  I'm enjoying doing it on the walk from daycare to work, and I think it's shaving a couple minutes off the walk.

At this point discussing what I did would include spoilers, so I'll hold off on it, but it continues to be fun.  You can follow my runs (walks) at

If anyone has a device that can run the app, and wants some help getting more fit I suggest it.
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So After practice Saturday I figure my ankle is functionally back to normal.  I managed to dance several of the high fast and loud dances, and would have happily done more.

The party was absolutely fabulous, and I'm looking forward to Valhalla even more after the party.  We've missed a couple this year, and I was disappointed then, but even more so after such a fun one.

So in an effort to get back into exercising now that I'm back to my normal state of fit I picked up Zombie Run.  It's an app that incorporates the story of you as a runner for supplies and what have you for a human compound in a Zombie over run area.

I put in my 20 minutes of walking today with it, and went about a mile (I'll have to speed that up), worked up a good sweat, and picked up

2 mobile phones
baseball bat
power cable
3 bandages
bottled water
tinned food
2 first aid kits

After a couple of technical details it went well.  There's a good universe building as they attempt to drop you at your mission site, and it incorporated my music.

I haven't made it to the compound yet, and recently learned that they might not let me in if I can't run through the nearby hospital and get some supplies.

There's a small army of zombies behind me, but it looks like I may be able to make it.

I really enjoyed it, and look forward to doing it again Wednesday,  Tuesday's are yoga.
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Ankle is doing much better.  No dancing last night, but I would have tried for a Rufty or Hearts Ease.

I took the stairs up one floor at lunch today, and it didn't seem to be a problem.

For Earth Day work is, a long with other things, is encouraging us to turn in our trash cans.  There are still plenty around, but the idea is that there's a savings because otherwise all of the trashcans get emptied each night, or however often they do.

I'm happily going along with it.  I've got about one dirty tupperware full of trash, much of which is compostable, and so I'll add it to the pile in the backyard.

I still maintain my box of recycling, but that's always been a thing that I periodically dump in the main bin.

It's the end of the fiscal year, and I'm in the middle of hurry frantically and then wait.  This is a wait point thus the post.
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So the gentle Groblek was like so have I missed you getting up to hit the exercise bike lately?  This morning.  Answer is no.  I haven't used the exercise bike since last Tuesday.  I gave blood later Tuesday, and I used the knowledge that they were going to tell me not to exercise for a while to prod myself, and told myself that I'd get on the bike Friday and that would make my 2.  No such luck.  Don't even remember why.

I did go to yoga last week, so if I'm counting that I got my 2 times exercising in last week, and if not I need to pick up and get back on board.

Monday was a holiday, and I felt like crap.  A combination of allergies of doom and what appears to be a chest cold, and Kosh getting up not really early, but before I was ready for him to do so.  No exercise that wasn't part of getting somewhere.

I did yoga Tuesday, but still wasn't hitting the bike this morning.  I was feeling like getting away for the cube at lunch, so I got some dancing in my usual secluded spot (I'm apparently a bit closeted about solo dancing) was unavailable, and I may have to seek something else (there was a group from work playing bocci ball (I think) close enough to keep it from being secluded), but I found another one, and danced to 3 songs:
No Such Thing-Kathy Mar (slow gentle beat kinda short) very pretty, and sad song
Rufty Tufty-Newcastle Country Dancers (Pryankster disk) (easy ECD)
Goldfish in a Blender-Mary Carves the Chicken (alternative country?) I really enjoyed this group when I lived in Tracy it's like liberal country with a dose of reality.

I find ghosting 3 for Rufty I seem to switch gender in the dance.

I'm back on FB I think I'm still on less than before lent, but it's good to see how some of the folks I don't see elsewhere are doing.

I'm finding judgement creeping in on my internal monologue again, but I'm working on it.

I got an app in for a Spec II job that I think I'd be good at on March 15th, but I haven't heard anything back yet.  I also need to figure out how to test for Spec II. (The job would take a Spec I, which suggests that if I went in as a Spec I (my current label) I could expect an in place promotion once I was eligible, while it is possible that this could happen in my current position it seems unlikely, I will have to ask about it though).

I've been enjoying reintroducing myself to sweets since Easter.  I'm trying to keep my daily dosage low, and I haven't done exactly what I described to myself, but I'm still doing reasonably well.  I knew having a little would be harder for me than having none.  I may have to make the break from sweets a normal thing.  I don't think it really fills a spiritual space for me, but I could stick with the post Christmas/New Year's through Lent.  Will see.

I've got a bit of writing swirling around in my head.  Nothing I'm going to put out for the world anytime soon, but it's something to let the brain twiddle on while other things need doing, and hopefully get down somewhere.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrgh! I had most of a thoughtful post written up Friday when I realized I had to leave to get Kosh and catch the bus. I was hopeful that the autosave function or doing a quick copy before shutting down would have saved it, but no. It's gone. I'll have to try to recreate it.

The first part was about spider love. http://www.zenparentingradio.com/archive/love-is-it-real-or-fake/ This show talked about genuine love, and spider love. I think that this is something I have to fight. Groblek does an amazing job of catching me when I'm doing spider love things, and making me actually express myself and let him know what I need.

Then I was listening to this on Talk of the Nation, and I thought it was really thought provoking. http://www.npr.org/2013/03/04/173440431/op-ed-theres-an-app-for-everything-and-thats-a-problem
I think it's an interesting thing to think about. I think in general apps can be amazing tools, but it is important to be aware of why you're using it. I think it is also important to put down all of our devices and get out and experience life.

Then I was reading this http://everydayfeminism.com/2013/03/silenced-stories-of-survivors-of-sexual-assault-and-abortions/?upw

I'm pro-choice I totally agree that she should have the right to have the abortion, and do so without being harassed. However, because she self identifies as a college educated reasonably comfortable women with good health insurance, I found myself really annoyed that she didn't appear to use birth control.

I'm troubled by this response in myself. It says to me that this is one of those things that EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO, but isn't for me. Which is about the way I managed to think about being gay right up until I came out to myself. What does it say that it is okay, but other. Is that acceptance or tolerance.

I was somewhere in the middle of the last bit when I had to leave Friday.

In New stuff to read and share:
Go get it. Read it. Enjoy it and explore the rest of the universe. This is one of the series Groblek and I really like.  The authors aren't local, but we did get to meet them when we got to go to World Con.  They're supper lovely people, and you can follow Sharron Lee at the link, and both of them on facebook.

This is one of several good entry points.  This is an amazing series!  We have all of it, and may be able to lend out books if you get hooked and can't afford to buy them all.

There's a cancer research looking for volunteers.  There are chances to participate in Sac and Davis in early April, and elsewhere as well.  Let's help science work.


General check in:
Judgement has sort of fallen into the back brain.  I'm really just not getting my hands around how to address this.

Exercise is going well.  I've been adding a bit of dancing into my lunch break in the last week, and I really enjoy the idea of keeping it up.  Missed today, but maybe Wednesday (Tuesday's yoga)

I'm underwhelmed by giving up facebook.  I'm not having trouble with it, but it seems like I was wasting a lot of time there, and the result hasn't been to get any of that time back.  I think my attention span has expanded, and I'm happy with that.  I'm probably going to be back after Easter, but not as active.

Giving up sweets.  Still going strong.  This moved to Lent because it was always meant to be temporary and it gives me a handy frame.  I'm looking at limiting myself to one serving of sweets per day once I hit the end of Lent.
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Kosh has discovered the "joy" of being Twoish.  That is he's not 2 yet, but he's embracing the concept like an underage frat boy embraces drinking.

He's being loudly bossy, and clearly enjoying doing things that he knows he's not supposed to.  Anyone with spare patience or wisdom is encouraged to send it my way.  Groblek can make his own request. 

We'll work on helping him to make good choices.

This Thursday we got to practice about a half hour early like we normally do (it's when the bus drops us off).  so we were sitting in the green round chair having a bit of dinner when a nice young man (LabWorker) stopped to admire Kosh and chat.  LabWorker hung around while Kosh insisted on heading downstairs and out front of Haring where we caught Groblek heading in, and then headed back up to the practice room and got into almost all of the dances until he had to leave at 8:40 (we had a low turnout so we focused on dances that the newer dancers could do).  He seemed to have a good time and gave us his email to sign him into the yahoo groups.

Quick Resolution update:
Exercise on board I got on the exercise bike less than I wanted to this week, but still got in at least 2 rides
Sweets doing okay the weekend may be a test will see.
Judgement has been tested a bit. I'm beginning to ponder when my behavior invites behaviors that I might judge someone for.
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We had a great weekend.
Saturday was the Pryankster business meeting.  It was a great excuse to get together with the dance family and I got to do a lot of dancing, and a good bit of chatting.  I also totally took advantage of being the parent of a toddler to tag out of the talky part of the meeting and into toddler wrangling when it started running too long.

Glad I did because I think I managed to help DancingNurse feel comfortable stepping out and getting some caffeine.

Kosh, Kitten and I took off on an unplanned walk shortly after the dancing started back up.  I would have enjoyed the dancing, but it was a nice chance to get to know Kitten better, and a chance to see that Kosh got some fresh air and exercise.  Since it was otherwise an inside day for him that was good.

We got to enjoy the sunset, and went a decent distance.  Google tells me the walk was about half a mile one way, and Kosh walked there and about half way back.  This tells me that he can totally do the walk home from the bus stop.

At the party I received a couple of compliments from people I respect, and I don't think I responded well to them.  In both cases I thanked the person but also denied the compliment.  I'm not sure what this says about me, or if this was what they were expecting.

When you compliment some one what do you expect?

I think when I do it I just want the person to know that I noticed something good about them.

How do you respond when complimented?
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I skipped the bike yesterday because I was feeling icky, and took it light, but did get on this morning.  Officially that covers me for the week, but I may try to get on again before Monday.

I haven't been thinking much on the judgement.  I'm not sure if this is me being less judgmental, or if I'm less aware.  I think I'll work to upgrade my awareness, and see what happens.

Starting Tuesday the hanging resolution (giving up sweets) is in effect.  I specifically decided to hold off on starting this until all holiday related sweets were out of the household.  So far I've been reasonably successful.

I had nutter butters and cracker jacks today, but I'm okay with this because it is a regular once in a while thing.  I gave blood today, and I usually get cracker jacks and some other snacky bit from the snack table when I give blood.

Incidentally I really love that we have regular blood drives at work.  It means I've given a lot more blood than I would have otherwise.

The major workload I've been anticipating just failed to materialize.  We were anticipating 30-50 proposals to examine, and we got 9.  This does mean we'll have a good deal of work related to figuring out what to do about the lack of response, but my specific screening goal should go way down.

I'm kind of hoping not to be involved in further work on this particular project, but I do need to seek out more work at work.


Jan. 22nd, 2013 12:45 pm
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So back on the bike this morning.  Groblek did a bout of intervals over the weekend, so I thought I'd give it a try.  It totally kicked my butt.

Some time last week my wrist started getting twingey, but I figured it would go away.

We had an busy weekend.

Saturday had the game I'm not in hosted at our place, and while gamers were busy I took Kosh shoppies.  He's just about out grown his shoes, so we hit R&R and SPCA.  We found a good pair of boots that will be good for when it's wet, but we want to keep him in soft soles as much as possible, and no luck there, so we need to order some see Kai run's online.  I'll have to delegate that since their page is blocked at work.  We found a couple of new toys and books, and I found a new shirt.

The 1st ed game happened Sunday, and Bormina (my character) helped convince the surviving females of the party to drag all the dead males to town, to get those who wished it brought back.

Monday we met up with the Rock Star Baby and her parents to go to the Railroad museum.  That makes 3 weeks in a row for Josh.

Sprinkled between these activities we acquired a roommate.  Since Alurodragon and IOU9 moved out we enjoyed having the house to ourselves, but the budget encourages us not to leave a room empty.  Luckily one of our friends is delighted to move to a more socially convenient location.  My inner toddler had decided to call him Truck DRIVer.  I have a good feeling about this working well.

The wrist is still twingey.  I stopped in at the doctor yesterday.  She thinks it's likely to be something work related, so I've started the process to see if I can do something more ergonomic there.  We'll see.
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First I'm declaring amnesty for last week.  My mom was in town, and my routine was totally off.

On the other hand:
This week I started off today with 10 minute on the bike.  Hopefully I'm back into routine.
In exercise that don't count I've started a game of chase with Kosh.  I run and hide behind a tree, that either wouldn't hide him, or/and I poke my head out, and he chases me.  It gets both of us some exercise, and helps with the fairly regular goal of tiring Kosh out in prep to getting him to sleep.

I've mostly been thinking on the judgement thing:
I got some really good suggestions on facebook:
My SIL suggested that hanging around with people who aren't judgmental would help.  I think this must be true, although so far my observation is the counter example.  I had my annual physical (since it had been since 2010) last Monday, and the doctor who was generally pleasant and professional, got to talking about driving in traffic, and how awful (other) drivers were.  I found myself agreeing and exclaiming about how bad drivers were.  On further reflection, I'm pretty sure I've been that driver for many of the complaints discussed.  So I was actively judgmental in the conversation, but I rescinded internally afterwards, and put some thought into it.  I think the raised awareness will be a benefit to me.

[livejournal.com profile] wondermentalist suggested cutting myself some slack in that we can't really be harder on ourselves than we are on others.

I think she's right, but I don't want to lower my standards for myself.  One of the things that Methodists are exhorted to do is move continually to perfection.  It's always resonated with me.  On the other hand I can look at what I'm judging myself on, and examine if it does reflect moving towards perfection. 

At the same time as far as external judgement however this is still useful, especially since I know that [livejournal.com profile] wondermentalist has some high standards for herself, is to assume that everyone has similarly stringent, but differently framed standards for themselves, so while I'm looking at someone and thinking OMG I can't believe they're using 5 paper towels for that, they're turning and looking at me and thinking OMG I can't believe she's letting her rinsed cup drip for hopefully more important standards.

More pondering, and a LOT more practice necessary.

No movement on the career front although one of my co workers is testing my judgmental resolution, and making me more likely to move forward on the career resolution.  I really miss our old attorney, and not just because I liked her.  She was much easier to work with, and apparently had an amazing store of knowledge, and she was better about making sure she knew what she was talking about before she started talking, and somehow this didn't involve long waits for her to start discussing an item.  I know the new guy is new to this position, he only started in August, so he's even newer than me, and I know that we pile a lot on our attorneys, and I can't even begin to fathom the complexity of the law involved, so I'm sure that he's very intelligent, and a good attorney.  I've just been spoiled by a line of attorneys who I worked better with, and I know I'm at least as hard to work with as he is.
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So far it has been an exciting week in the life of the Sarah:

Dancing Images did it's first two weddings This weekend.

I think they both went beautifully, and both uniquely suited the couple, and even better (from my point of view) I think everyone will be happy with their portraits.

That said we learned a lot this weekend:

The first, chronologically, was Must physically visit all wedding sites before hand. (Not only were we late to A&L's wedding, but I didn't have good ideas about where to pose folks once the ceremony was over, and we did have time to do so.)(The rehearsal is probably a good time to do this while we're getting our feet wet in wedding photography)

Also we think we're adding a surcharge for all weddings in San Francisco for a general the cities too damn big and poorly signed.

No more with the 2 events in one weekend (Especially not while I still have a day job I can't call in sick to)

One of us, probably me (since I seem to be the planner for this crazy endever) needs a command voice that is respectful to the subjects, but still gets them to move.
Oh, and better hearing would be a plus (more on that later, I think I agravated Eeyore's mom by miss hearing her name, and I completely ignored a polite comment from a guest at A&L's wedding because he was on my right)

Also, check the program in case there have been changes since when you were taking notes earlier

And you'd really think I'd know this one by now, but DRINK MORE WATER (I think I personally didn't get my average allotment either day)

Also, there's probably a damn good reason California has those wonderful laws about when you have to give employees breaks, when you're working for yourself you should take them too. (Oddly I think I did better at this Saturday)

I'll probably have to learn many of these again, and there will I'm sure be many additions to the list, but there's a start.

I actually had 2 doctors appointments this afternoon, my annual womanly check up, and a hearing test.

The hearing test is the interesting one. As most of you who've been paying attention no doubt know I'm deaf in my right ear.

It looks like this is fixable.
They tested both hearing through the ear, and through the bone behind the ear. I test almost normal on the bone test which apparently suggest that I might have a fully formed inner ear, and be missing a cannal (more or less like going around trying to hear with normal earplugs in) This may be an opperable condition, and I've got an appointment on the 28th to find out more.
I'm kind of excited. I'll get to find out if sterio is really as cool as y'all make it out to be if it all works out. We shall see.
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