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When we left off Princess Juney Bean, Swampy, Sticky, Slimy, and Cera were heading through the swamp to invite Cute to the frog party.
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So in a complete break from politics we started doing PJB stories with Kosh a bit before Halloween. I've been meaning to get them down. I thought this would be a good time for some sillyness. Some of these, like this one, are from a bit back, and there are differences between oral storytelling, and writing, and I'm adding detail and retconning, so this won't be exactly what we told, but should be similar.

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So in Sunday's Sermon Pastor Kelly called us to be explicit about our spirituality, and that got me thinking.
I'm not sure this is what she had in mind but this is where my faith comes from.

My first church memories are at Sunnyhills UMC.  Mom, and my little brother and I started attending there when we moved to California when I was starting 1st grade.
When I say that it takes a village to raise a child this church is what I imagine as the village.
I remember Sunday school with a nice woman running the class with short white hair, a new leaflet every week (with a story, questions, and activities), and the playground out back. I remember feeling so important marking the pages in the hymnal for the songs in the bulletin. I remember being acolyte.
I remember playing at the parsonage while the congregation helped mom move us out of dad’s house when they separated.
I remember meeting, and being taken under the wing of the kid that would become my best friend. I remember her family. They say that little girls look for their daddy in potential partners .  Groblek’s not particularly like my dad, which is just as well, because our tempers wouldn’t meld well, but he has a good deal of similarity to their dad. I’m most grateful for finally having a group of friends at school when I started going to the school they went to in high school.
I remember “helping” with watching the younger kids so that we could march around the playground and leave at children’s time. 
I remember youth group, and writing the puppet shows.
I remember marching for political candidates, and against war.

That’s the experience I remember. As I look back there are other things I know. I know that the community that I grew up in was an odd combination of hippies who’d developed careers and ways of taking care of their responsibilities, but did not changed their political opinions, and retired military. I’m sure there were others who were there, but those are the ones I recall.
In 1984 when we started there the pastor was Pam, who was a single woman, and the congregation was, or was becoming a reconciling congregation. (Reconciling Congregation is the Methodist for accepting of LGBTQ.) I remember one couple of men who was strongly active with the church.

This is the foundation my faith was built on.
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This is sort of in the middle of a story kicking around in my head. I just decided to switch a couple of things up so it may not be as smooth as I'd like. Comments are appreciated.

"Thank you Chief Culwell! I'll try not to interrupt her work too much."

"No worries young Kil. Quin's 3 shifts ahead of estimates, internal estimates, and I think she's just reworking the one she's on since she knows how Fe Ett runs it so hard still wanting the performance he paid for before he banged it up."

"I'll pull whistle to get her head loose."

The FS Pide showed Quin's expert care. When Quin first dragged her over to see it Pide was the newest, best, fresh from hub central, model that she'd been reading specs on for a half quarter. Now the boiler and the ,added supplemental boiler were over clocked with double speed heat circulatory moving temp where it needed to be. Quin was magbooting from within the tender.

"Not that way either. Need some Chief?"
"You've got a visitor. You know we could just seal it up and send it out."
"Yeah, but Fe'd just complain and bring her back, and you know he tips a share of his prize, best to help make sure it's a good prize."
Still hanging out of the tender Quin turned to see Kil's twitching braid.

"Crack! Am I late for study group?"
Quin hit a button and caught herself turning to land closer than she would to a customer.

"Nah, I'm just wondering why I'm only seeing you there and at class now."

"You're off, and I won't touch yer baby. Go on with you."
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Sorry sketched this out a month ago after questions about the pictures and just got around to posting it.  (Honk shooo is our standard for snoring care of Sandra Boyton).
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Animated Fluff 2

Text, because it may be hard to read:
Sorry Toothy. We like you but you're sharp, and cuddly don't mix. Want to dance?

What it should read is:
Sorry Toothy. We like you but you're sharp. Sharp and cuddly don't mix. Want to dance?
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Kosh and I commute together on the bus.  The commute involves about a mile of walking. When I sprained my ankle I moved Kosh from the ergo to an umbrella stroller for the walking.  Lately we've been incouraging Kosh to walk, and yesterday Kosh decided he didn't need the stroller. So he walked the whole thing.  He did not enjoy all of it.  Near the end of the section from the bus stop to daycare he really wanted to be carried, and I wasn't a firm no on this, but I managed to encourage him to make it the rest of the way. This mostly involved reminding him of his standing incentive for walking, and encouraging him to view a raised curb as balance beam. I was thrilled that he walked the whole thing, but what I'm really grateful for is that periodically, when it wasn't required to cross the road, he'd just reach up and take my hand, and I just loved walking hand in hand with him.
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It's spring verging on summer so I'd choose a park.

For perfect it's got to be better than the every day, so I'm not going to any of the local ones, or even up to the in-laws place which is amazing, because that's all been done.

I want a campsite because that'll have the fire pit, table and a reasonably sized flat space.  I'm not planning on camping, but it'll be great for playing on kicking a ball around, or really, because of course I'd have Kosh along, drawing trains in the dirt.

I'm looking at a place in the redwoods, because I love the smell, and the atmosphere is just calming, and because we don't go out to them much, except at the in-laws place, but this is a different kind of feel.

There has to be a brook near by.  Nothing big, and there's got to be an easy way to get down to it so that we can stick our toes in and splash a bit, but not deep enough for a swim, because then I'd be tempted, and the water would be too cold.

We'd do grilled veggies and meat.  Asparagus is in season right now, and that's great off the grill we could do some zuchini, and eggplant, burgers, and sausages, kebobs with mushrooms and peppers, and of course S'mores for desert.

I don't know if I'll keep this up, but if I did would you want to read it?  Should I start a writing prompt filter?

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