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Haven't had this issue this year, but I'm not expecting anything different this year.
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So we planned for a day full of helping others Saturday.  CA House was having their move out/move in weekend and we'd signed up to help in the 10-2 shift on the theory that Kosh would nap right after we finished.  We showed up around 10, and there was nothing to do within half an hour we were told that we could head home.  We went to farmers market (closer) and told them to call us if they needed anything.  We enjoyed the market and park, and lunch at the nice at El Toro Bravo http://daviswiki.org/El_Toro_Bravo. ; No call.

After Kosh's nap 5:30 ish) we headed off to help a friend move, but she was no where to be found, and her phone wasn't working.  So we hit Leatherby's for dinner, and took Kosh to the Arden Fair Mall play area.

So no helping, but lots of fun, relaxing and tasty food.

Sunday was church at which Kosh relatively nicely asked to put in the nursery early, so we actually got to pay attention for more of the service.  Fun at fellowship time, and then off to the Little Sis's housewarming.  They got an amazing house in Fairfield.  I'm thrilled, because they're happy, and their closer.  This means we can get Kosh and his cousin together more often (not to mention their parents).  Also they have a pool, hot tub and swing set.  What's not to love!

Kosh just about fell asleep on the way home so he was actually asleep at 8.  So of course mom and dad stayed up rather than taking advantage of a chance to sleep, but the laundry got folded, and we got to mostly watch the Hugo award ceremony.

Monday was low key.  We took a slow morning and headed into old town.  Gold Rush days were fun, at least the bit we saw.  Mainly the train museum, and horses.  It was fun to run into BP, but our son has his priorities.

Thus ends relaxing weekends for a couple months.
September is 2 weekends of faire, a book release party, a weekend with the in-laws, and a weekend of gaming
October is 2 weekends of faire, and gear clean up

It'll all be fun, but I'm looking forward to slowing down in November.

In the world of weekdays I'm working along, lunch time exercise is working out.  Kosh seems to be in process of moving from toddler to little boy.  Life is good.
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So on Tuesday I thought I was hot stuff, and took the stairs at work (I know living on the wild side!).  Wednesday morning the leg was very clear with the "Oh! No you didn't!"

So I'm back using the elevator, and I wore the ankle brace all day Thursday (I didn't have it with me at work Wed.) and I'm still using the elevator today, and I'm carrying the brace (I thought I had it Wed., but now I know).

I'm vexed, but it could be much worse, so I shouldn't be.

On the good side I danced Rufty and Confess at practice last night.  It occurs to me that I could probably get away with Newcastle or Kettledrum.

This made me ponder a catalog (I'm thinking spreadsheet, but I'm and Exel junkie) of the dances, listing most potentially problematic moves from any of an exertion, joint care, or skill point of view. Is this something others would find useful?  I don't have all the necessary info, or really lots of time, but if people think it would be helpful I could plink at it.

I participated in a briefing to one of the commissioners today.  In the future I'll probably prep more technical details so that I better match the other participants, but none of the questions suggested my briefing was incomplete, so I'm calling it a win.

I've been poking at this website:

So far what I've taken from it is the need for real screen free breaks, and a short specific to do list.  Nothing earth shattering I just need to make them habits.

Oh also Kosh is doing better (not well, but better) at bed time.  I credit Groblek. 
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So the gentle Groblek was like so have I missed you getting up to hit the exercise bike lately?  This morning.  Answer is no.  I haven't used the exercise bike since last Tuesday.  I gave blood later Tuesday, and I used the knowledge that they were going to tell me not to exercise for a while to prod myself, and told myself that I'd get on the bike Friday and that would make my 2.  No such luck.  Don't even remember why.

I did go to yoga last week, so if I'm counting that I got my 2 times exercising in last week, and if not I need to pick up and get back on board.

Monday was a holiday, and I felt like crap.  A combination of allergies of doom and what appears to be a chest cold, and Kosh getting up not really early, but before I was ready for him to do so.  No exercise that wasn't part of getting somewhere.

I did yoga Tuesday, but still wasn't hitting the bike this morning.  I was feeling like getting away for the cube at lunch, so I got some dancing in my usual secluded spot (I'm apparently a bit closeted about solo dancing) was unavailable, and I may have to seek something else (there was a group from work playing bocci ball (I think) close enough to keep it from being secluded), but I found another one, and danced to 3 songs:
No Such Thing-Kathy Mar (slow gentle beat kinda short) very pretty, and sad song
Rufty Tufty-Newcastle Country Dancers (Pryankster disk) (easy ECD)
Goldfish in a Blender-Mary Carves the Chicken (alternative country?) I really enjoyed this group when I lived in Tracy it's like liberal country with a dose of reality.

I find ghosting 3 for Rufty I seem to switch gender in the dance.

I'm back on FB I think I'm still on less than before lent, but it's good to see how some of the folks I don't see elsewhere are doing.

I'm finding judgement creeping in on my internal monologue again, but I'm working on it.

I got an app in for a Spec II job that I think I'd be good at on March 15th, but I haven't heard anything back yet.  I also need to figure out how to test for Spec II. (The job would take a Spec I, which suggests that if I went in as a Spec I (my current label) I could expect an in place promotion once I was eligible, while it is possible that this could happen in my current position it seems unlikely, I will have to ask about it though).

I've been enjoying reintroducing myself to sweets since Easter.  I'm trying to keep my daily dosage low, and I haven't done exactly what I described to myself, but I'm still doing reasonably well.  I knew having a little would be harder for me than having none.  I may have to make the break from sweets a normal thing.  I don't think it really fills a spiritual space for me, but I could stick with the post Christmas/New Year's through Lent.  Will see.

I've got a bit of writing swirling around in my head.  Nothing I'm going to put out for the world anytime soon, but it's something to let the brain twiddle on while other things need doing, and hopefully get down somewhere.
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Yes, that sort. I seem to have agreed to tutor my bosses children in math if she brings them up from Modesto, and pays me. Not all bad really except that I want the time a goodly deal more than I want the money currently. Does anyone know anyone who tutors Highschool level and below, her younger girl needs help with multiplication, math in the Modesto area? The highschooler is at a level at which my boss doesn't understand what she's trying to do, but that's all the identifier I currently have for her math level.

Clarrification: It's not that I couldn't do it. I probably do better tutoring math than anything else, but that I want someone local to offer my boss, so that I don't have to and I'm still being helpful.

Also Wallace and Grommit was funilicious. Cheeeeeeeeese!
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