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So I haven't updated in quite some time, but we've been having a great summer!
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Had a pleasantly calm weekend at home, and then we decided to day trip to Santa Cruz for the Thomas days.
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Yesterday Groblek and I took a recovery day, and saw thingy of the Galaxy.  Very fun! Farmers market ended up our vacation.  Now back into the routine.

Wanted to say that the playground at the Farmer's market is amazing.  They've redone central park and it's fantastic.  It's actually attracted Kosh away from the bounce houses and pony rides.


Jan. 22nd, 2013 12:45 pm
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So back on the bike this morning.  Groblek did a bout of intervals over the weekend, so I thought I'd give it a try.  It totally kicked my butt.

Some time last week my wrist started getting twingey, but I figured it would go away.

We had an busy weekend.

Saturday had the game I'm not in hosted at our place, and while gamers were busy I took Kosh shoppies.  He's just about out grown his shoes, so we hit R&R and SPCA.  We found a good pair of boots that will be good for when it's wet, but we want to keep him in soft soles as much as possible, and no luck there, so we need to order some see Kai run's online.  I'll have to delegate that since their page is blocked at work.  We found a couple of new toys and books, and I found a new shirt.

The 1st ed game happened Sunday, and Bormina (my character) helped convince the surviving females of the party to drag all the dead males to town, to get those who wished it brought back.

Monday we met up with the Rock Star Baby and her parents to go to the Railroad museum.  That makes 3 weeks in a row for Josh.

Sprinkled between these activities we acquired a roommate.  Since Alurodragon and IOU9 moved out we enjoyed having the house to ourselves, but the budget encourages us not to leave a room empty.  Luckily one of our friends is delighted to move to a more socially convenient location.  My inner toddler had decided to call him Truck DRIVer.  I have a good feeling about this working well.

The wrist is still twingey.  I stopped in at the doctor yesterday.  She thinks it's likely to be something work related, so I've started the process to see if I can do something more ergonomic there.  We'll see.
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