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So a while ago there was an article about a mom who took her little boy to Walmart with a pink head band on.  Details here:

What the man in the story did was horrendous! He should not have done that!

One of the ideas I got from reading the article and people's comments though is the idea that one should never touch an unknown child. Without thinking I found myself going along with it until yesterday I read this article:


This description of the situation in Spain seems excellent.  I've personally dealt with relatively little of the negative description of American reaction to children, but I have noticed the lack of interactions by many.

I think that culturally we have a tendency to say this one situation came up where this behavior was problematic no on should ever do this behavior.  I know I've fallen into this trap.  I hope that if the walmart incident had happened in a culture more like that described in Spain even if someone had behaved like the man in the story someone else would have stepped up to defend the child.

As part of our lifestyle, and our parenting practice we have developed several villages that Kosh benefits from.  We've actively chosen and thought about our connections to church, Pryanksters, and biological family, but one that I originally didn't consider was our bus commute.

On the bus many riders don't interact with me or Kosh, and it's possible that some or many of them are silently unhappy that Kosh is along, but none have complained or displayed this that I've noticed.

However there are several that have positive interactions with Kosh, and me, but really Kosh is the driving factor.

This collection of bus buddies includes several drivers, and several regulars.

One of them was Liz.  Liz was always friendly greeting many people as they got on the bus, and checking in on how people were doing.  She had a lot of fun interactions with Kosh.  She always sat in the seat closest to the door, because she walked with a cane.  Frequently Kosh wanted that seat, and so we took one nearby, and they'd play the mine game.  She read to him on a couple of occasions, and was generally friendly and interactive.  She was an example of a great way to interact with other people's children.

Some months ago she stopped riding the bus.  We heard that she had caught shingles.  So we looked forward to her return, but yesterday I heard that she had passed away.  She is missed, and Kosh and I are lucky to have known her.
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So for Father's Day, and because Groblek is taking Kosh off for a week with the grandparents, I took primary Kosh duty all weekend.  It was a generally good weekend.  We had fun at the train museum Saturday (Groblek had fun at the museum too, but missed the train ride).  This was the first time since Kosh learned about the train tables that he's pushed for looking at the big trains.

Incidentally with our membership we can bring in 2 guests.  Let us know if you want to go.

He napped hard!

Sunday we biked over to Dos to take Groblek out for Father's day.  We were thwarted in our attempts to go for desert, and raided the home ice cream supply instead.

By now the guys have probably already headed up towards Occidental, by way of train town.

So far for me that means that I was sans toddler on the morning commute.

I figured that was a great opportunity to get some extra exercise in.  So I pulled up Zombie run, and took a brisk walk to the far bus stop in Davis, and got off in the second stop in Sac, and walked from there.  This was 2.15 mi. in 37 minutes 12 seconds.  Great way to start the morning.  I'm planning on continuing this all week, although I hope to leave a little earlier in the morning.

At this point I want to work on increasing my speed.  To that end I'm activating zombie chases.  These activate, and I have to go faster than my average speed for a given amount of time.  I'm much happier with this speeding me up rather than speeding up for fear of missing my bus.

So far I've Zombie walked every workday since May 20th, and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm about half way through season 1.  Once I run out of episodes I will happily pay for the season pass to get the new ones.

Zoom Zoom!

Apr. 17th, 2013 11:44 am
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In June 2007 I started working at the Energy Commission in downtown Sac, and started commuting by bus.  Since Groblek was commuting by bike at some point after that we decided to become a one car household.  IT saved us a good chunk of money, and we were really quite content with it.

It's become less convenient since Groblek's been commuting by car to Richmond, but we've made it work.  Even while I was poking at car options (our 2001 Saturn won't last forever) I'd been assuming we'd be trading in or selling the Saturn when we got a new to us car.

Then Groblek suggested that we keep the Saturn so that we'd have a car for those times when I need one.  I totally agreed with this idea.

So we have returned, for the life of the Saturn (it's running reasonably well, but the AC doesn't work, and it needs periodic additional oil), to a two car household.

Understand, I'm thrilled about the shiny new to us 2010 Prius!  I get to appease my Energy Commission geek by having a hybrid, and it's supper comfortable and quiet, and it has more carrying capacity than we're used to.  Also it's just nice (for the moment) to have a clean car that hasn't acquired the massive clutter that our cars always do (which is soooo much more so since Kosh joined us).

But the concept that on the 23rd when I have 2 doctors appointments I can drive Kosh into daycare, drive home (I had to spend the furlough somewhere) drive to appointment one, if there's time go somewhere for lunch, go to appointment two, have some more time at home before going to pick up Kosh.  Rather than bus Kosh in wait/bus most likely straight to the doc kill time between appointments, bus back to pick up Kosh (I was planning this I probably could have bussed home briefly, but it was going to be significantly more convenient to spend the entire day busing, waiting, or killing time at a location related to transit.

I'm deeply grateful that I can do it all by bus when necessary.  I've done it before, and will likely do it again.  I love that I can.  I'm also massively enjoying the idea that I don't have to.

I also absolutely love the daily commute by bus. Especially with Kosh it's just nice to have those 2 chunks of time where there's nothing to do except focus on Kosh, and talking to the other bus folk.

I've also been really lucky to be able to borrow other folks cars, or cage rides.

To that end I'm thinking about opening up the Saturn to those who need a car for a bit.  I'm calling priority.  No one gets to borrow it on the 23rd, but if you need a car for a relatively defined period of time and want to borrow it contact me, and we'll see if it works.
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