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So we planned for a day full of helping others Saturday.  CA House was having their move out/move in weekend and we'd signed up to help in the 10-2 shift on the theory that Kosh would nap right after we finished.  We showed up around 10, and there was nothing to do within half an hour we were told that we could head home.  We went to farmers market (closer) and told them to call us if they needed anything.  We enjoyed the market and park, and lunch at the nice at El Toro Bravo http://daviswiki.org/El_Toro_Bravo. ; No call.

After Kosh's nap 5:30 ish) we headed off to help a friend move, but she was no where to be found, and her phone wasn't working.  So we hit Leatherby's for dinner, and took Kosh to the Arden Fair Mall play area.

So no helping, but lots of fun, relaxing and tasty food.

Sunday was church at which Kosh relatively nicely asked to put in the nursery early, so we actually got to pay attention for more of the service.  Fun at fellowship time, and then off to the Little Sis's housewarming.  They got an amazing house in Fairfield.  I'm thrilled, because they're happy, and their closer.  This means we can get Kosh and his cousin together more often (not to mention their parents).  Also they have a pool, hot tub and swing set.  What's not to love!

Kosh just about fell asleep on the way home so he was actually asleep at 8.  So of course mom and dad stayed up rather than taking advantage of a chance to sleep, but the laundry got folded, and we got to mostly watch the Hugo award ceremony.

Monday was low key.  We took a slow morning and headed into old town.  Gold Rush days were fun, at least the bit we saw.  Mainly the train museum, and horses.  It was fun to run into BP, but our son has his priorities.

Thus ends relaxing weekends for a couple months.
September is 2 weekends of faire, a book release party, a weekend with the in-laws, and a weekend of gaming
October is 2 weekends of faire, and gear clean up

It'll all be fun, but I'm looking forward to slowing down in November.

In the world of weekdays I'm working along, lunch time exercise is working out.  Kosh seems to be in process of moving from toddler to little boy.  Life is good.
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We had a busy, but fun weekend:
Thursday was a good practice to end the year on.  lots of dancing, and Kosh had a lot of fun.

Friday was a reasonably nice evening at home.  Groblek made pot pies mmmmmmmmmm so tasty.

Saturday morning I took Kosh to the park.  
Pics and more details behind the cut Cute and Busy )
Sunday was nice enough that we biked to church (about 5 mi one way), in which Groblek and I discovered that we were more out of shape than we thought, but it was nice to be out on the bikes.  Straight from church I ran off to a baby shower.  The teaching A's are expecting a boy, and it was good to congratulate and encourage them, and hand off some of Kosh's outgrown stuff.  They're going to be such excelent parents!  There was much cuteness, and it was good to see some of Mr. A's family and friends that I haven't seen much since we stopped dating.

But I had to rush off early because our little socialite Kosh had a birthday party.  One of his daycare buddies had a birthday party at Giovanni's Pizza www.giosnypizza.com/.  

There was much cuteness there too, but I didn't think to check with the parents about posting pics.  There was a lot of space for the toddler troup to run around with.  It's really neat seeing the little guys playing together, and it was nice to get to know some of the parents better.  Groblek found out that one of the boys in one of the older rooms was really excited about it when Groblek stops in to play the fiddle.
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