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So on Tuesday I thought I was hot stuff, and took the stairs at work (I know living on the wild side!).  Wednesday morning the leg was very clear with the "Oh! No you didn't!"

So I'm back using the elevator, and I wore the ankle brace all day Thursday (I didn't have it with me at work Wed.) and I'm still using the elevator today, and I'm carrying the brace (I thought I had it Wed., but now I know).

I'm vexed, but it could be much worse, so I shouldn't be.

On the good side I danced Rufty and Confess at practice last night.  It occurs to me that I could probably get away with Newcastle or Kettledrum.

This made me ponder a catalog (I'm thinking spreadsheet, but I'm and Exel junkie) of the dances, listing most potentially problematic moves from any of an exertion, joint care, or skill point of view. Is this something others would find useful?  I don't have all the necessary info, or really lots of time, but if people think it would be helpful I could plink at it.

I participated in a briefing to one of the commissioners today.  In the future I'll probably prep more technical details so that I better match the other participants, but none of the questions suggested my briefing was incomplete, so I'm calling it a win.

I've been poking at this website:

So far what I've taken from it is the need for real screen free breaks, and a short specific to do list.  Nothing earth shattering I just need to make them habits.

Oh also Kosh is doing better (not well, but better) at bed time.  I credit Groblek. 
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So the gentle Groblek was like so have I missed you getting up to hit the exercise bike lately?  This morning.  Answer is no.  I haven't used the exercise bike since last Tuesday.  I gave blood later Tuesday, and I used the knowledge that they were going to tell me not to exercise for a while to prod myself, and told myself that I'd get on the bike Friday and that would make my 2.  No such luck.  Don't even remember why.

I did go to yoga last week, so if I'm counting that I got my 2 times exercising in last week, and if not I need to pick up and get back on board.

Monday was a holiday, and I felt like crap.  A combination of allergies of doom and what appears to be a chest cold, and Kosh getting up not really early, but before I was ready for him to do so.  No exercise that wasn't part of getting somewhere.

I did yoga Tuesday, but still wasn't hitting the bike this morning.  I was feeling like getting away for the cube at lunch, so I got some dancing in my usual secluded spot (I'm apparently a bit closeted about solo dancing) was unavailable, and I may have to seek something else (there was a group from work playing bocci ball (I think) close enough to keep it from being secluded), but I found another one, and danced to 3 songs:
No Such Thing-Kathy Mar (slow gentle beat kinda short) very pretty, and sad song
Rufty Tufty-Newcastle Country Dancers (Pryankster disk) (easy ECD)
Goldfish in a Blender-Mary Carves the Chicken (alternative country?) I really enjoyed this group when I lived in Tracy it's like liberal country with a dose of reality.

I find ghosting 3 for Rufty I seem to switch gender in the dance.

I'm back on FB I think I'm still on less than before lent, but it's good to see how some of the folks I don't see elsewhere are doing.

I'm finding judgement creeping in on my internal monologue again, but I'm working on it.

I got an app in for a Spec II job that I think I'd be good at on March 15th, but I haven't heard anything back yet.  I also need to figure out how to test for Spec II. (The job would take a Spec I, which suggests that if I went in as a Spec I (my current label) I could expect an in place promotion once I was eligible, while it is possible that this could happen in my current position it seems unlikely, I will have to ask about it though).

I've been enjoying reintroducing myself to sweets since Easter.  I'm trying to keep my daily dosage low, and I haven't done exactly what I described to myself, but I'm still doing reasonably well.  I knew having a little would be harder for me than having none.  I may have to make the break from sweets a normal thing.  I don't think it really fills a spiritual space for me, but I could stick with the post Christmas/New Year's through Lent.  Will see.

I've got a bit of writing swirling around in my head.  Nothing I'm going to put out for the world anytime soon, but it's something to let the brain twiddle on while other things need doing, and hopefully get down somewhere.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrgh! I had most of a thoughtful post written up Friday when I realized I had to leave to get Kosh and catch the bus. I was hopeful that the autosave function or doing a quick copy before shutting down would have saved it, but no. It's gone. I'll have to try to recreate it.

The first part was about spider love. http://www.zenparentingradio.com/archive/love-is-it-real-or-fake/ This show talked about genuine love, and spider love. I think that this is something I have to fight. Groblek does an amazing job of catching me when I'm doing spider love things, and making me actually express myself and let him know what I need.

Then I was listening to this on Talk of the Nation, and I thought it was really thought provoking. http://www.npr.org/2013/03/04/173440431/op-ed-theres-an-app-for-everything-and-thats-a-problem
I think it's an interesting thing to think about. I think in general apps can be amazing tools, but it is important to be aware of why you're using it. I think it is also important to put down all of our devices and get out and experience life.

Then I was reading this http://everydayfeminism.com/2013/03/silenced-stories-of-survivors-of-sexual-assault-and-abortions/?upw

I'm pro-choice I totally agree that she should have the right to have the abortion, and do so without being harassed. However, because she self identifies as a college educated reasonably comfortable women with good health insurance, I found myself really annoyed that she didn't appear to use birth control.

I'm troubled by this response in myself. It says to me that this is one of those things that EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO, but isn't for me. Which is about the way I managed to think about being gay right up until I came out to myself. What does it say that it is okay, but other. Is that acceptance or tolerance.

I was somewhere in the middle of the last bit when I had to leave Friday.

In New stuff to read and share:
Go get it. Read it. Enjoy it and explore the rest of the universe. This is one of the series Groblek and I really like.  The authors aren't local, but we did get to meet them when we got to go to World Con.  They're supper lovely people, and you can follow Sharron Lee at the link, and both of them on facebook.

This is one of several good entry points.  This is an amazing series!  We have all of it, and may be able to lend out books if you get hooked and can't afford to buy them all.

There's a cancer research looking for volunteers.  There are chances to participate in Sac and Davis in early April, and elsewhere as well.  Let's help science work.


General check in:
Judgement has sort of fallen into the back brain.  I'm really just not getting my hands around how to address this.

Exercise is going well.  I've been adding a bit of dancing into my lunch break in the last week, and I really enjoy the idea of keeping it up.  Missed today, but maybe Wednesday (Tuesday's yoga)

I'm underwhelmed by giving up facebook.  I'm not having trouble with it, but it seems like I was wasting a lot of time there, and the result hasn't been to get any of that time back.  I think my attention span has expanded, and I'm happy with that.  I'm probably going to be back after Easter, but not as active.

Giving up sweets.  Still going strong.  This moved to Lent because it was always meant to be temporary and it gives me a handy frame.  I'm looking at limiting myself to one serving of sweets per day once I hit the end of Lent.
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Running late as usual, but I've made progress on one.

I've been dismissive of resolutions in the past, and I'm not so sure that they'll hold this time, but I'm more likely to do something if I tell the world that I will, so we'll see how it goes.

On the health front I'm resolving to exercise for the sake of exercise twice a week.  That is to say that I won't count the walking or biking that is part of my commute, or other to get me somewhere transportation, or dance practice which I do to be social, and to be ready to faire.  I may make an exception for bike rides over 6 mi that also get me somewhere.  Since at that point I'm deciding to bike for exercise, and using it to get somewhere, but since I can get to most places in Davis in under 6 mi, and Sac is 13 mi it's not likely to make a big difference.

So far this has been 10 minutes on the exercise bike which I've done for the past 3 mornings.  It's not a lot, but it's better than not doing it.

On the mental side as you may have caught on facebook I would like to become less judgmental.  And I'll start by letting go of the thought that judgmental should be pronounced with a g like jug or good with the way it's spelled rather then the soft g that would be properly suggested by "judgemental" which I understand to be a misspelling.

My problem with this one is that I'm not really sure where to start.  I know that concrete measurable goals are more likely to be accomplished, and I'm not sure how to break this one down. 

I think I'll try spending time thinking about why I'm judging something at least once a week when I find myself being judgmental, and trying to figure out a more constructive response.  I may steal BettyBaker's idea of posting about my progress on this one regularly on facebook. I've managed to make myself do things a couple of times that way.

In the career front I want to have at least one application out to a promotion (either at the CEC or elsewhere) that I want, and think I could get by July.  July will be a year in the current position, and I think I spent too much time in one place in Grants and Loans.  I enjoyed my time there, but it made the transition into this one difficult.  Since I don't intend to retire from the current position this means I should keep myself moving up as much as I can, but I tend to get lazy about this until something kicks me into gear, so this is me trying to kick myself into gear.  This seems vaguely greedy since I have a number of friends who are un or under employed, but I figure I can help everyone more if I have more resources.  There's my Methodism showing.  Earn all you can, save all you can, (something I'm forgetting), to give as much as you can.

To this end I've done some poking at what I'm able to apply for, and what tests are available, but I'll have to put more into it by a good bit unless something decides to fall in my lap.  For those of you who know the state service better than me I'm an Energy Commission Specialist I (TED) and make about $5100/month I'm open to suggestions.

Of course the standard goals still apply. 
Be a good mom, wife, Pryankster, friend, co-worker, and Methodist in varying orders depending on my mood, and take good care of myself, or at least try not to make it too hard for Groblek.


May. 5th, 2006 04:46 pm
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So today I am 29 (yes really for the first time). The year's been busy! This time last year Brian and I were engaged, and practically if not officially living together (I had the whole storage room thing going on next door to the majors in the blackhole of maintenance). I was doing the preschool gig and probably starting to interview for a summer job at the studio in Arden relatively content with the job when it kept me busy. Active with Pryanksters, hit or miss with church.

Now I'm married (but y'all have heard enough about that) and Sharing a nice half a duplex with the same housemates that watched over the storage room. I run a small portrait studio, but am officaially looking for work elsewhere, and at this point exclusively outside of lifetouch (I have little idea of what type of work I'm looking for I like photography, and would love to do it as a hobby/ freelance thing, but am not into the sales end of things, and not sure about the management end of things.) Still active with Pryanksters more regular with church.

To do:
This Year
Find Job that works for me
In this vien consider further education
Decide when (in as much as we have a say) we want children
Get better organized
Improve photography skills
Also Thank Yous LOTS of Thank Yous

In the next few:
Buy a house/duplex/home
Start children

Long term:
Take over the world

In sum. I'm in a much more solid space right now. I have my job, wich pays my share of the bills most likely until I find something better. Home life is stable and great. Brian is the most amazingly wonderful thing that's ever happened to me. Life is good, and forcasts are looking bright.
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