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So far it has been an exciting week in the life of the Sarah:

Dancing Images did it's first two weddings This weekend.

I think they both went beautifully, and both uniquely suited the couple, and even better (from my point of view) I think everyone will be happy with their portraits.

That said we learned a lot this weekend:

The first, chronologically, was Must physically visit all wedding sites before hand. (Not only were we late to A&L's wedding, but I didn't have good ideas about where to pose folks once the ceremony was over, and we did have time to do so.)(The rehearsal is probably a good time to do this while we're getting our feet wet in wedding photography)

Also we think we're adding a surcharge for all weddings in San Francisco for a general the cities too damn big and poorly signed.

No more with the 2 events in one weekend (Especially not while I still have a day job I can't call in sick to)

One of us, probably me (since I seem to be the planner for this crazy endever) needs a command voice that is respectful to the subjects, but still gets them to move.
Oh, and better hearing would be a plus (more on that later, I think I agravated Eeyore's mom by miss hearing her name, and I completely ignored a polite comment from a guest at A&L's wedding because he was on my right)

Also, check the program in case there have been changes since when you were taking notes earlier

And you'd really think I'd know this one by now, but DRINK MORE WATER (I think I personally didn't get my average allotment either day)

Also, there's probably a damn good reason California has those wonderful laws about when you have to give employees breaks, when you're working for yourself you should take them too. (Oddly I think I did better at this Saturday)

I'll probably have to learn many of these again, and there will I'm sure be many additions to the list, but there's a start.

I actually had 2 doctors appointments this afternoon, my annual womanly check up, and a hearing test.

The hearing test is the interesting one. As most of you who've been paying attention no doubt know I'm deaf in my right ear.

It looks like this is fixable.
They tested both hearing through the ear, and through the bone behind the ear. I test almost normal on the bone test which apparently suggest that I might have a fully formed inner ear, and be missing a cannal (more or less like going around trying to hear with normal earplugs in) This may be an opperable condition, and I've got an appointment on the 28th to find out more.
I'm kind of excited. I'll get to find out if sterio is really as cool as y'all make it out to be if it all works out. We shall see.
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