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Animated Fluff 2

Text, because it may be hard to read:
Sorry Toothy. We like you but you're sharp, and cuddly don't mix. Want to dance?

What it should read is:
Sorry Toothy. We like you but you're sharp. Sharp and cuddly don't mix. Want to dance?
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So we planned for a day full of helping others Saturday.  CA House was having their move out/move in weekend and we'd signed up to help in the 10-2 shift on the theory that Kosh would nap right after we finished.  We showed up around 10, and there was nothing to do within half an hour we were told that we could head home.  We went to farmers market (closer) and told them to call us if they needed anything.  We enjoyed the market and park, and lunch at the nice at El Toro Bravo http://daviswiki.org/El_Toro_Bravo. ; No call.

After Kosh's nap 5:30 ish) we headed off to help a friend move, but she was no where to be found, and her phone wasn't working.  So we hit Leatherby's for dinner, and took Kosh to the Arden Fair Mall play area.

So no helping, but lots of fun, relaxing and tasty food.

Sunday was church at which Kosh relatively nicely asked to put in the nursery early, so we actually got to pay attention for more of the service.  Fun at fellowship time, and then off to the Little Sis's housewarming.  They got an amazing house in Fairfield.  I'm thrilled, because they're happy, and their closer.  This means we can get Kosh and his cousin together more often (not to mention their parents).  Also they have a pool, hot tub and swing set.  What's not to love!

Kosh just about fell asleep on the way home so he was actually asleep at 8.  So of course mom and dad stayed up rather than taking advantage of a chance to sleep, but the laundry got folded, and we got to mostly watch the Hugo award ceremony.

Monday was low key.  We took a slow morning and headed into old town.  Gold Rush days were fun, at least the bit we saw.  Mainly the train museum, and horses.  It was fun to run into BP, but our son has his priorities.

Thus ends relaxing weekends for a couple months.
September is 2 weekends of faire, a book release party, a weekend with the in-laws, and a weekend of gaming
October is 2 weekends of faire, and gear clean up

It'll all be fun, but I'm looking forward to slowing down in November.

In the world of weekdays I'm working along, lunch time exercise is working out.  Kosh seems to be in process of moving from toddler to little boy.  Life is good.
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So After practice Saturday I figure my ankle is functionally back to normal.  I managed to dance several of the high fast and loud dances, and would have happily done more.

The party was absolutely fabulous, and I'm looking forward to Valhalla even more after the party.  We've missed a couple this year, and I was disappointed then, but even more so after such a fun one.

So in an effort to get back into exercising now that I'm back to my normal state of fit I picked up Zombie Run.  It's an app that incorporates the story of you as a runner for supplies and what have you for a human compound in a Zombie over run area.

I put in my 20 minutes of walking today with it, and went about a mile (I'll have to speed that up), worked up a good sweat, and picked up

2 mobile phones
baseball bat
power cable
3 bandages
bottled water
tinned food
2 first aid kits

After a couple of technical details it went well.  There's a good universe building as they attempt to drop you at your mission site, and it incorporated my music.

I haven't made it to the compound yet, and recently learned that they might not let me in if I can't run through the nearby hospital and get some supplies.

There's a small army of zombies behind me, but it looks like I may be able to make it.

I really enjoyed it, and look forward to doing it again Wednesday,  Tuesday's are yoga.
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So on Tuesday I thought I was hot stuff, and took the stairs at work (I know living on the wild side!).  Wednesday morning the leg was very clear with the "Oh! No you didn't!"

So I'm back using the elevator, and I wore the ankle brace all day Thursday (I didn't have it with me at work Wed.) and I'm still using the elevator today, and I'm carrying the brace (I thought I had it Wed., but now I know).

I'm vexed, but it could be much worse, so I shouldn't be.

On the good side I danced Rufty and Confess at practice last night.  It occurs to me that I could probably get away with Newcastle or Kettledrum.

This made me ponder a catalog (I'm thinking spreadsheet, but I'm and Exel junkie) of the dances, listing most potentially problematic moves from any of an exertion, joint care, or skill point of view. Is this something others would find useful?  I don't have all the necessary info, or really lots of time, but if people think it would be helpful I could plink at it.

I participated in a briefing to one of the commissioners today.  In the future I'll probably prep more technical details so that I better match the other participants, but none of the questions suggested my briefing was incomplete, so I'm calling it a win.

I've been poking at this website:

So far what I've taken from it is the need for real screen free breaks, and a short specific to do list.  Nothing earth shattering I just need to make them habits.

Oh also Kosh is doing better (not well, but better) at bed time.  I credit Groblek. 
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrgh! I had most of a thoughtful post written up Friday when I realized I had to leave to get Kosh and catch the bus. I was hopeful that the autosave function or doing a quick copy before shutting down would have saved it, but no. It's gone. I'll have to try to recreate it.

The first part was about spider love. http://www.zenparentingradio.com/archive/love-is-it-real-or-fake/ This show talked about genuine love, and spider love. I think that this is something I have to fight. Groblek does an amazing job of catching me when I'm doing spider love things, and making me actually express myself and let him know what I need.

Then I was listening to this on Talk of the Nation, and I thought it was really thought provoking. http://www.npr.org/2013/03/04/173440431/op-ed-theres-an-app-for-everything-and-thats-a-problem
I think it's an interesting thing to think about. I think in general apps can be amazing tools, but it is important to be aware of why you're using it. I think it is also important to put down all of our devices and get out and experience life.

Then I was reading this http://everydayfeminism.com/2013/03/silenced-stories-of-survivors-of-sexual-assault-and-abortions/?upw

I'm pro-choice I totally agree that she should have the right to have the abortion, and do so without being harassed. However, because she self identifies as a college educated reasonably comfortable women with good health insurance, I found myself really annoyed that she didn't appear to use birth control.

I'm troubled by this response in myself. It says to me that this is one of those things that EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO, but isn't for me. Which is about the way I managed to think about being gay right up until I came out to myself. What does it say that it is okay, but other. Is that acceptance or tolerance.

I was somewhere in the middle of the last bit when I had to leave Friday.

In New stuff to read and share:
Go get it. Read it. Enjoy it and explore the rest of the universe. This is one of the series Groblek and I really like.  The authors aren't local, but we did get to meet them when we got to go to World Con.  They're supper lovely people, and you can follow Sharron Lee at the link, and both of them on facebook.

This is one of several good entry points.  This is an amazing series!  We have all of it, and may be able to lend out books if you get hooked and can't afford to buy them all.

There's a cancer research looking for volunteers.  There are chances to participate in Sac and Davis in early April, and elsewhere as well.  Let's help science work.


General check in:
Judgement has sort of fallen into the back brain.  I'm really just not getting my hands around how to address this.

Exercise is going well.  I've been adding a bit of dancing into my lunch break in the last week, and I really enjoy the idea of keeping it up.  Missed today, but maybe Wednesday (Tuesday's yoga)

I'm underwhelmed by giving up facebook.  I'm not having trouble with it, but it seems like I was wasting a lot of time there, and the result hasn't been to get any of that time back.  I think my attention span has expanded, and I'm happy with that.  I'm probably going to be back after Easter, but not as active.

Giving up sweets.  Still going strong.  This moved to Lent because it was always meant to be temporary and it gives me a handy frame.  I'm looking at limiting myself to one serving of sweets per day once I hit the end of Lent.
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Kosh has discovered the "joy" of being Twoish.  That is he's not 2 yet, but he's embracing the concept like an underage frat boy embraces drinking.

He's being loudly bossy, and clearly enjoying doing things that he knows he's not supposed to.  Anyone with spare patience or wisdom is encouraged to send it my way.  Groblek can make his own request. 

We'll work on helping him to make good choices.

This Thursday we got to practice about a half hour early like we normally do (it's when the bus drops us off).  so we were sitting in the green round chair having a bit of dinner when a nice young man (LabWorker) stopped to admire Kosh and chat.  LabWorker hung around while Kosh insisted on heading downstairs and out front of Haring where we caught Groblek heading in, and then headed back up to the practice room and got into almost all of the dances until he had to leave at 8:40 (we had a low turnout so we focused on dances that the newer dancers could do).  He seemed to have a good time and gave us his email to sign him into the yahoo groups.

Quick Resolution update:
Exercise on board I got on the exercise bike less than I wanted to this week, but still got in at least 2 rides
Sweets doing okay the weekend may be a test will see.
Judgement has been tested a bit. I'm beginning to ponder when my behavior invites behaviors that I might judge someone for.
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We had a great weekend.
Saturday was the Pryankster business meeting.  It was a great excuse to get together with the dance family and I got to do a lot of dancing, and a good bit of chatting.  I also totally took advantage of being the parent of a toddler to tag out of the talky part of the meeting and into toddler wrangling when it started running too long.

Glad I did because I think I managed to help DancingNurse feel comfortable stepping out and getting some caffeine.

Kosh, Kitten and I took off on an unplanned walk shortly after the dancing started back up.  I would have enjoyed the dancing, but it was a nice chance to get to know Kitten better, and a chance to see that Kosh got some fresh air and exercise.  Since it was otherwise an inside day for him that was good.

We got to enjoy the sunset, and went a decent distance.  Google tells me the walk was about half a mile one way, and Kosh walked there and about half way back.  This tells me that he can totally do the walk home from the bus stop.

At the party I received a couple of compliments from people I respect, and I don't think I responded well to them.  In both cases I thanked the person but also denied the compliment.  I'm not sure what this says about me, or if this was what they were expecting.

When you compliment some one what do you expect?

I think when I do it I just want the person to know that I noticed something good about them.

How do you respond when complimented?
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