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For those who have been following my rare installments of Princess Juney Bean stories I just updated the last one because Kosh pointed out the Cera didn't know Snowflake before this episode.

Also I've just switched to dream width, so I'm less familiar with formatting and such. Please let me know if I should change anything.

Also since it's been a while a brief recap:
PJB and friends were on their way to Cute's cave to invite her to the frogs' party when they were interrupted by loud crashing sounds and tasty leafs. resolving this tasty food was sent on Swampy to the party, and they are now continuing to Cute's cave.

Now here's the story:

So while Swampy and Sticky took the swamp weed harvest back to the frog pond the rest of the group continued to the bat caves. Without Swampy they took special care to make sure they stayed on the path.

Princess Juney Bean took advantage of the time with a new friend to practice her diplomacy lessons.
"Snowflake you must be very good at finding good food. I know my father will be eager to visit that patch of swamp weed."

"It's one of my favorites, but there's lots there so I'm happy to share. This is an interesting group. My parents think it's odd that I'm friends with Princess Juney Bean , this group will really confuse them." grinned Snowflake.

"I like making friends, and my mother, Queen Bookreader, always encourages me to 'get to know individuals who are different from what I know '. Just today we met Slimy and Sticky."

"Slimy, I'm confused. I thought Sticky seemed more slime covered than you, why're you Slimy?"

Slimy twitched, glanced to the Princess and Cera, twitched again, and then her tongue flew out swinging back and forth spraying the group with a fine mist of slime.

She hung her head. "That's why. When I'm nervous, which is a lot, I slime people."

The group wiped their faces, and Princess Juney Bean said "I'm sorry we made you nervous. Do you still want to be friends?"

"Of course" Slimy slurped "Everyone makes me nervous."

As they got to this point in the conversation they came out of the forest and the Princess pointed out the bat caves in the cliff ahead.

Slimy licked her lips. "That's awful dark. Are you sure we're welcome?"

"Absolutely, I've been a couple times they should just be waking up."

"Uh, okay."

They clamber up to the cave opening; Cute lived in a cave at ground level so that Princess Juney Bean and Cera could more easily visit.

As they entered the cave bats swirled around them. Slimy jumped and licked her lips.

"What are you doing here?!" Squeaked out from somewhere in the cloud of bats.

While Princess Juney Bean was asking for Cute, Slimy's head swiveled left and right, up and down trying to find the individual bat. Her mouth hung slightly open. A drop of saliva dripped down her tongue onto the floor of the bat cave.

The squeak became a screech. The cloud jumped away from Slimy and the rest of the gang, screeching and whistling, reformed, and shot in a wedge at Slimy. Just a foot away from impact another squeak joined the cacophony.

"WAIT! That came in with Princess Juney Bean. Give me a minute." A loan bat half the size of the others floated down around the wedge and as she pulled up to land next to Slimy opened her maw showing a glistening line of needle sharp teeth.

Snowflake seeing Slimy's imminent slimesplosion opened her mouth covering slimy entirely. Slime coated all of her mouth even into her sinuses and throat. It was disgusting, but it was contained.

Snowflake exited the cave in search of water and a place to spit.

The bat finished her yawn and asked "Who are you? I'm Cute and Cuddly, but you can call me Cute."

Princess Juney Bean was concerned about the still hovering wedge of agitated bats. "Cute what's wrong?"

"We hate wetness in our cave! Especially since we just dried it out yesternight. Why did you bring this frog?"

"Should we discuss this outside?"

"Good idea!" Cute flapped off to tell the bats.

Cera piped in "I can clean up while you're outside."

"Thanks," said Princess Juney Bean.

The bat swarm settled as Juney Bean, Cute, and Slimy headed out.

Once they were out of the cave Slimy settled down significantly, and then started thinking "Cute, do bats hate wetness everywhere or just in caves? I'd heard that bats didn't like frogs except to eat. Is it because we're wet?"

"Oh no, Slimy! Wetness is fine outside. But NOT. IN. THE. CAVE. Old bats still talk about how the frogs vandalize our caves; to hear them tell it we were cleaning for a year!"

"Do you think it would work to invite the bats to the party?" Juney Bean asked, King Leaf always said that people got along better if they ate together.

"Sure" said Cute.

"Couldn't hurt" Slimy agreed.

"Princess would you deliver the invite? Slimy might get them upset again, and they might not take me seriously."

Princess Juney Bean did. Not all the bats decided to go, but some of them did. This was going to be some party.
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When we left off Princess Juney Bean, Swampy, Sticky, Slimy, and Cera were heading through the swamp to invite Cute to the frog party.

Edited September 1, 2017

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Haven't had this issue this year, but I'm not expecting anything different this year.
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Sorry sketched this out a month ago after questions about the pictures and just got around to posting it.  (Honk shooo is our standard for snoring care of Sandra Boyton).
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Animated Fluff 2

Text, because it may be hard to read:
Sorry Toothy. We like you but you're sharp, and cuddly don't mix. Want to dance?

What it should read is:
Sorry Toothy. We like you but you're sharp. Sharp and cuddly don't mix. Want to dance?
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