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We have a shortage of organs for transplants. Yet no one suggests that we should register our blood type etc and be responsible for donating organs as needed. Not even ones we could lose with minimal negative effect. No, in fact we don't even use organs that are clearly no use any more because someone has died. In order to use someone's organs the person with the organs has to volunteer and if the organs are to be removed while the person is alive they have to demonstrate that they're not volunteering under duress.

I'm an organ donor by the way. Please use anything I haven't used up once I'm done with it.

If I died without ID or someone who knows me nearby they couldn't use my organs.

It doesn't matter who needs those organs it could be the President, the Pope, a drug addict, a rock star, or a young adult with all the potential in the world or all of the above. None of them get the organs unless they can verify that I chose to be a donor.

No individual has more rights to my body than me, even if I'm dead.

There isn't massive disagreement on this issue until I get pregnant. Then even though I could not be required to give up one organ to sustain the life of another or multiple other people I am required to give up my body.

(Not currently in California. Here I could have the potential that might become a child removed, but if those who oppose abortion get there way that might change. )

I've been pregnant. My understanding is that my pregnancy was more or less middle of the road. It ended almost 6 years ago.

While I was pregnant I lost lung capacity, my digestive system went wonky, my feet expanded, I lost endurance on my bike, my memory became less reliable, and my hormones shifted (I used to very rarely cry, during pregnancy books and commercials could make me cry, I've mellowed some but not back to where I was).

I plan to remind my sweet child of this as needed through the years, but it was okay because it was something I had chosen.

When someone says that abortion kills that is no more accurate than saying that not donating organs does. If that's the case and one still opposes abortion then I expect them to also require everyone to register to donate organs. I could use an ear, I know people who could use several other organs.

If one is claiming that the problem is just that the government pays for it:

First yes it is a medical procedure any state that covers medical care should cover all medical care. Otherwise treatment is based on something other than medical need.

Second in the US sadly it doesn't, some states do including California.

Third governments nearly by definition gather your money to do something you don't want them to. The government is also going to use it to do a bunch of other stuff you do want.

Fourth considering the relevant cost in relation to the population for the vast majority of us if we're contributing to it at all it's likely less than a penny.

So either get everyone signed up for an organ registry, and answer when the collectors call, or stop trying to keep people from choosing who they donate their wombs to.

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I know it's been a while, but hey a long post : )

My baby boy is growing up. He'll be 3 end of February.
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I started noticing this Friday.

At the bus stop another bus waiter was impressed with his articulation and the way I didn't speak down to him, and it made me think that I suspect that in the past I have considered my vocabulary and tried to use one that I thought he could follow, and I haven't been doing that, and he's usually able to understand if he wants to.

We got home, and he'd talked about wanting to play, so I dropped him off in the living room with his train table and favorite toys, and went to take care of some things.  I came back after about 10 minutes, and he'd taken a 12-14 (it's the engine of a train puzzle he's earning the whole puzzle's 48 pieces, but I think it's bigger than the tender, or caboose, the passenger car looks about the same size) large piece jigsaw puzzle off the shelf opened the box, and almost completed the puzzle.

First, it was only a short while ago when leaving him alone in the living room would not have been a thing, honestly more because he wouldn't put up with it than anything else! So, nice to know he's okay playing by himself!!

But really I was impressed with the puzzle.  He still asks for help if I'm there, but he can do it, and that's exciting.

Saturday we went to a buddy of his birthday and in a group of mostly older kids he had a blast.

Then Sunday I took him outside for some post nap running around.  It was close to evening because his nap started late, but he wanted to drive his car (Flintstones stile) to the park.  I love that we have parks in walking distance, but when I say that I mean my walking distance, and he picked the second closest park to home (0.4 miles per Google) I figured that he'd make it a block or two and decide he wanted to be carried and we'd turn around, which would get him some good exercise, and I could pull him in the car.
Not a bit of it.  He did switch to walking rather than driving a block and a half in, but he got all the way there.  When we got to where we could see the park he took off running, and would have been running around at the park for a good deal longer except that with the late start I limited him to a little over 10 min.  He even made a block on the way home before I started towing him.  This means we can start working on walking as part of the commute!  I'm excited about this, and so far he sounds excited about it, but we're not starting until this afternoon.  The morning's too rushed until we have a feel for speed of walking involved.

Bodies are weird

I've been working on doing a little more exercise, and have been tentatively pleased which is to say I seem to have more energy, and my speed seems to be getting better on my lunch time 2k with Zombies, Run!.
However, this does not seem to be having any kind of shrinking effect on my belly.  Not my actual goal, but I thought it might happen.  I was wearing a shirt that I wear all the time Sunday, and it was significantly more snug than I expected. Ah well today's shirt is doing fine.

Almond butter amazing and easy
In case you're wondering this discovery was made Sunday afternoon well after the shirt discovery.
I was get set up to pre-make the weeks lunches, and discovered we were almost out of peanut butter.  Back when peanuts were expected to go up in price Groblek stocked up, and even though that was years ago, and I'm aware that we've run through that supply I still expect there to be an unlimited supply in the garage.  In looking to see if there was a jar I'd missed I noticed a large quantity of raw almonds (Groblek's family grows for Blue Diamond, so almonds are frequently in supply at home).  I suggested almond butter and Groblek looked it up.  Instructions are: put almonds in the food processor and process for 20-30 min (faster if almonds are roasted).  So I threw a bunch of almonds in the oven, and then in the food processor.  (8 cups was a little much for our processor, but after a break to cool down it worked fine.) This produced one large and one small mason jar full of almond butter.

It is sooooo tasty! Sandwiches are better too.
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We had a busy, but fun weekend:
Thursday was a good practice to end the year on.  lots of dancing, and Kosh had a lot of fun.

Friday was a reasonably nice evening at home.  Groblek made pot pies mmmmmmmmmm so tasty.

Saturday morning I took Kosh to the park.  
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Sunday was nice enough that we biked to church (about 5 mi one way), in which Groblek and I discovered that we were more out of shape than we thought, but it was nice to be out on the bikes.  Straight from church I ran off to a baby shower.  The teaching A's are expecting a boy, and it was good to congratulate and encourage them, and hand off some of Kosh's outgrown stuff.  They're going to be such excelent parents!  There was much cuteness, and it was good to see some of Mr. A's family and friends that I haven't seen much since we stopped dating.

But I had to rush off early because our little socialite Kosh had a birthday party.  One of his daycare buddies had a birthday party at Giovanni's Pizza www.giosnypizza.com/.  

There was much cuteness there too, but I didn't think to check with the parents about posting pics.  There was a lot of space for the toddler troup to run around with.  It's really neat seeing the little guys playing together, and it was nice to get to know some of the parents better.  Groblek found out that one of the boys in one of the older rooms was really excited about it when Groblek stops in to play the fiddle.
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So it's been a while, since I updated y'all.

Josh had his 2 month ...2 MONTHS WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN... visit today.  He's up to 13 lb 6 oz 24 in, apparently continuing appropriately on his curve. He's lifting his head, and tracking and generally doing well.  He blessedly does not have signs of early teeth.  Apparently we can anticipate the joy of teething at around 6 months, and we should not worry if he coughs a lot durring the night at that point, or whenever he starts teething, he's just dealing with the drool collecting in the back of his throat.

In less medical news he permitted himself to be hot potato through our picnic day ECD show his first dance show.We discovered that getting him to sleep at parties is greatly helped by the Mobi.  Mom can get a good chunk of sleep as long as he can sleep next to an exposed nipple, which seems to work better on the right.  He prefers to be warm, but will complain if too warm, and would probably be content if all of life involved being in the carrier on a walk with stops when desired for nursing.  WE seem to be able to get him to sleep more often than not, by rocking him with humming or singing.  Between this, and the walking thing he has been designated Mommy's personel trainer.  The constant removal of calories certainly doesn't hurt either.

When not walking he has a fascinating array of baby babble. Grammy is particularly fond of the fact that much of his babbling involves a ggg sound.  He enjoys watching the hanging things over his diaper station and lights, and something over my right shoulder when I'm in the glider.  He like his parents does not like waking up, although this can be relieved with a quick meal.  No, I have not spiked my milk with coffee.

Since it turns out Daddy's working through the end of June, I'll be staying home until then.  I'm deeply appreciative of this time, and can't imagine what I'd have done if I'd had to go back to work sooner.

He's getting soo big, and still soo adorable!!!!
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