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The house is completely and thoroughly warmed, cooled and blessed!

In an unPryanksterly fashion there were several people who arrived before 1, which was great, because otherwise I would have found other things to clean and or grump at my poor housemates that it wasn't clean. Sarah in prep mode is not so friendly.

Our various friends and family mixed and played well together. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves I certainly did.

There was gaming and chattering, music and a little dance.

BeeKee, BattyMaiden and the Guildmistress whipped up a nice ceremony to bless the home includeing many generous well wishes from the general crowd.

Speaking of crowd, dude, there are a lot of y'all. Our best guess is that at peak there were about 50 people in our halfplex.

My brother commented that the place looks tiny from the street, but really has a lot of room, so I figure we have a wizard's tent of a house.

I have to laugh at my co-worker who on seeing the invite exclaimed in surprise at the idea that a party that started at noon would still be going at 10 pm. Things wound down around 2 am.

Thanks to every one who came! Especially the ceremony maidens for a touching ceremony, Mathew who persistently tried to help, whoever it was who suggested I sit down, any one who conversed with someone who looked like they could use it, everyone who brought food and games.

Parties wouldn't be parties if you all weren't so wonderful!!

I know many wonderful friends and family couldn't make it we hope to see you next time we know the party would have been that much better with you there.

Next time we'll shoot for 80 it'll be like the clown car effect.
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