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When we left off Princess Juney Bean, Swampy, Sticky, Slimy, and Cera were heading through the swamp to invite Cute to the frog party.

Edited September 1, 2017

As they take the path through the swamp everyone is chattering on about the party and getting to know Sticky and Slimy. It turns out that Slimy has an odd habit of spitting slime when nervous. Suddenly they heard crashing noises from off the path!

"Huh, this area is pretty solid. Something would have to be pretty big to be crashing that much ere" Swampy pondered.

Right around "pretty solid" Cera charged off in the direction of the noise. Everyone was startled by the sudden departure, but not as much as they were by the loud "Eeeeee! From Cera.

Princess Juney Bean, who had no fear, stomped in after Cera. Most of the gang followed but Slimy staid on the road "in case anyone needs to run for help".

The "Eeee" was followed by ripping and tearing noises.

Soon Princess Juney Bean and the gang come to a clearing leading to a very wet swampy area. Sticky gives Swampy a look, and she says "What, it's solidish until you get there."

Princess Juney Bean stares at Cera whose head is stuck deep into the swamp, and the head that seems to coming down from the sky right at Cera.

Cera's head pops up mouth full of a leafy green. She grins and waves her horn at the gang.

"Mmph mmph mmm smp wdd!" Cera's mouth, stuffed past communication, the head looks up at Cera's motion.

"Hi Princess Juney Bean! Who're these friends?"

It was Snowflake, a brachiosaurus that Princess Juney Bean played with.

The princess made introductions and Cera swallowed, and explained that the luscious patch of swamp weed had distracted her so much she hadn't seen the brachiosaurus.

Sticky went to get Slimy and they gathered a big pile for the party, and a smaller one for Princess Juney Bean to take to King Leaf.

Swampy didn't see what the fuss was about, but she consented to carrying the piles, Cera and Snowflake both seemed too eager to help, and the rest of the group wanted to make sure the piles made it as intended. Besides Swampy could easily swim them to the frog party where they could set King Leaf's pile aside until after the party.

Cera and Snowflake each ate as much as they could, and the gang continued on towards the bat cave.

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