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So in a complete break from politics we started doing PJB stories with Kosh a bit before Halloween. I've been meaning to get them down. I thought this would be a good time for some sillyness. Some of these, like this one, are from a bit back, and there are differences between oral storytelling, and writing, and I'm adding detail and retconning, so this won't be exactly what we told, but should be similar.

Once upon a time there was a princess in a gigantic castle. Her name was Princess Juney Bean. She lived in the castle with her parents King Leaf, and Queen Bookreader, and her pet Cera the triceratops. Cera was a baby. The castle is big enough for bigger dinosaurs, but it's more comfortable for the smaller ones.

She loved watching the ptaradactyles fly around outside her window. Under her bed there was a trapdoor so that she and Cera could hide in case the tyranasaurusrexes attacted.

One day as Juney Bean and Cera were playing (they were building a ramp with legos so that Cera could more easily get into the 4 poster for bed bouncing time, but they were having trouble getting the colors and flowers just right) when they heard a noise. There was creacking and screeching coming from below the trapdoor.

Princess Juney Bean knew that wasn't supposed to happen. She popped her head out of the door looking for mom or dad, but they were no where to be found! (Parent note here, she obviously couldn't see the whole castle it might well have been worth loking in places the parents likely were like in this case the library and the greenhouse. )

The creacking and screeching continued with additional crashing. Juney Bean knew that she was not supposed to use the trapdoor under her bed unless there was a T-rex attack. She looked out her window. No sign of T-rex. She and Cera decided Cera would investigate.

Juney Bean tried to open the door. It stuck. She pulled and pulled, but no luck. Then she tied Cera to the door. Cera was able to open it. Juney Bean untied Cera while keeping the door open. Cera bounced through the door.

Just out of sight from the door Cera saw what we making the noise! It was Juney Bean's parents. They were preparing a suprise party for the princess. Once Cera realized this she knew she had to help. She let out a huge ROOOOOAAAAAAAAAAR! Smiling at the Queen and King, she bounced purposefully up the stairs, and back into the Princesses room.

"Juney Bean there was a scary monster down there, but I scared it off, and slammed the door behind it!"

Juney Bean, who had no fear, wanted to go see, but Cera reminded her that she wasn't allowed to go through the trapdoor. They pushed the bed back into place and finalized their ramp constructions.

Much bouncing ensued.

The next night Cera and Juney Bean noticed that the King and Queen weren't at dinner. When they got back to their room it was dark, Juney Bean skipped in reaching to light a candle, but before she could there was a tornado of noise and light and the Queen and King, and her gang of friends shout "Surprise!!" and there was a big party.

They played games, and danced, and had cupcakes! Princess Juney Bean had a fantabulous time.
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