Nov. 17th, 2016

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A few days after the surprise party ( but not the day after the party; that was a party that required a sleep in day to recover, and A cleanup day) Princess Juney Bean and Cera were adventuring in the local swamp. They were careful to keep to the marked paths. King Leaf had been careful to negotiate a treaty with the Jurassic Alligators so that he could come in to harvest some of his favorite vegetables, but the treaty was quite clear that if people wandered off the marked paths their safety was not guaranteed.

As Cera was munching on some lovely cattails just reachable from the path eyes appeared in the water. Cera jumped back, but Juney Bean laughed. "Swampy! Stop scaring Cera!"

"But I'm scared why shouldn't she be?"

Swampy had seen what she thought was a ghost, but she couldn't find Snowflake. Juney Bean and Cera decided to investigate. Cera might have resisted, but she wanted to show her bravery after the fright from Swampy.

Swampy had them climb on her back. They had standing permission to ride Swampy as long as it was okay with her. Usually she complained that Cera was getting too heavy, but taking the marked path would take an extra hour and Swampy wanted the ghosts to leave. They were right next to her favorite hunting spot.

As they got close to the spot the mist became thick and soupy. Ahead they saw glowing baubles about two Juney Beans high. They bobbed and swung.

"Do you see them?!"

They did. Cera and Princess Juney Bean looked at each other they were going to have to investigate.

They climbed onto the path. "Stay here Swampy, we'll check this out."

Princess Juney Bean walked quietly toward the lights. She grabbed a stick and when they got close she noticed some lights were moving and other ones were staying mostly still, and she heard squelching noises. She pushed the leaves out of the way and was confused.

There were a whole pod of frogs hanging lights and setting out piles of flavored flies, and setting up a dance floor, and music stage. The lights were decorations for the party. Sticky leapt over.

"Hi Princess Juney Bean, I had so much fun at your place we thought we'd have one too! Do you want to come?"

"Yeah! I should explain to Swampy. Can I invite her and Cute?"

Swampy was upset. "Sticky! I thought we were friends! Why didn't you invite me?"

"Oh, we were just setting up. We should be done in an hour or two, then we were going to invite people. If you want to help set up you're welcome to."

Swampy calmed down and offered to help go get Cute.
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