Sep. 17th, 2016

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I've had two good reasons to be grateful this week.

First on Tuesday as I was biking from the bus stop to pick up Kosh my wallet fell out of my pocket. I actually recall thinking it might not be totally secure and hopping on the bike anyway.

I biked along picked up Kosh, went to the library where I noticed it was gone when we tried to check out books. The library staff know us because we're there ever week, so they check the stuff out to us anyway. Kosh trucked along while we backtracked around campus looking to see if I dropped it near by. As we were finishing that up Groblek met up with us. He and Kosh went off to the Round Table fundraiser while I backtracked my whole ride stopped in to the Taco Bell to see if it was turned in there rode back the other way and had pizza, called Yolobus in case it was on the bus (they were super helpful and even went out to physically check the bus) no luck.

Meanwhile my wallet was discovered by a kind gentleman on his bike ride within 10 minutes of my dropping it. He called the number on my business cards (my work number) looked at my drivers license realized we lived relatively close by and swung by my house where he found our amazing housemate who is very obviously not me. He left a message.

We played phone tag for about a day and I got my wallet back Wednesday evening.

It's always good to be reminded that people are kind.

Then Friday Kosh came home with her red folder with work and handouts from the week. That's standard practice for kindergarten. In it Maestra Diaz had included, and made sure Kosh knew to point out, the school district's policy on transgender students. We've been emailing and talking with her about Kosh, and her preference for female pronouns. I thought it was really considerate of her to get us a copy, and it looks reasonable. I like that the call out protection for transgender and gender nonconforming.

In general Kosh has been in school for a couple weeks now, and I'm thrilled with the experience.
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