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This is sort of in the middle of a story kicking around in my head. I just decided to switch a couple of things up so it may not be as smooth as I'd like. Comments are appreciated.

"Thank you Chief Culwell! I'll try not to interrupt her work too much."

"No worries young Kil. Quin's 3 shifts ahead of estimates, internal estimates, and I think she's just reworking the one she's on since she knows how Fe Ett runs it so hard still wanting the performance he paid for before he banged it up."

"I'll pull whistle to get her head loose."

The FS Pide showed Quin's expert care. When Quin first dragged her over to see it Pide was the newest, best, fresh from hub central, model that she'd been reading specs on for a half quarter. Now the boiler and the ,added supplemental boiler were over clocked with double speed heat circulatory moving temp where it needed to be. Quin was magbooting from within the tender.

"Not that way either. Need some Chief?"
"You've got a visitor. You know we could just seal it up and send it out."
"Yeah, but Fe'd just complain and bring her back, and you know he tips a share of his prize, best to help make sure it's a good prize."
Still hanging out of the tender Quin turned to see Kil's twitching braid.

"Crack! Am I late for study group?"
Quin hit a button and caught herself turning to land closer than she would to a customer.

"Nah, I'm just wondering why I'm only seeing you there and at class now."

"You're off, and I won't touch yer baby. Go on with you."
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