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So I've been pondering the presidential election.
My vote goes first to Bernie Sanders, and then to the candidate for the Democratic Party. I'm actually really happy with both candidates although I recognize that there are issues with both.
I'm probably more socialist than Bernie Sanders, so this shouldn't shock anyone much.

However it's not the candidates, but the people who support them that I'm pondering.

I can honestly say that my life is significantly better since President Obama took office.we have a nice house, Groblek and I both have good jobs, better than in 2008, and we have Kosh, and she is thriving. Life is really good.

In part because of this, I don't live focused on fear or anger. Don't get me wrong I feel both a good bit, but they aren't what I use to decide major things in life like who I support for president.

I don't pretend to understand what would inspire someone to support Trump, or Cruz, who is more or less Trumps policies with a little more thought and politicking, but I can't imagine it's from a place of contentment. It seems like it would have to come from a place of great hurt. So right now I, and many of us, are focused on making sure that we elect a president and congress people, and other officials who will properly govern our country and locality, but that is not the big fight.

The big fight is to bring our populace to a place where we are not deciding out of fear and anger. We need to find a way to help people feel secure. This is why I'm a socialist. We can and should do our part to help the lives of others in any way we can individually, but this will only provide a patchwork, and very little security.

So, I pray and give to those living in fear, and hope for tomorrow.
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